Jake Pavelka, The Bachelor

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Is it that hard to believe that Jake might be truly happy with the girl he chooses in Monday's finale of The Bachelor?

Apparently so! Cause RadarOnline has reported that during Monday's Women Tell All special Jake had a "long, uncomfortable pause" before he said "I'm happy"—a pause that was edited out—raising speculation that he's second-guessing his choice of Vienna or Tenley.

So what is the true story? Is Jake really in love? Are they really still together? Here's the scoop straight from host Chris Harrison...

Chris Harrison


"All I can tell you is that as of this moment, Jake chose one girl and he's in love and they're doing great," Chris tells me. "They're doing really good!"

So what does Chris think of the report that Jake's pause was edited out? "It's amazing. All of these 'scandals,' " the expert rose-keeper says, then adds with a laugh, "Yeah we edit out all the pauses on our TV show. I love it. It's the next Bachelor scandal!"

OK, so Jake chooses "one girl" according to Chris, and I know what some of you fans are thinking: Might that girl be—gasp!—Ali? After all, Jake kinda sorta professed his love for the adorable Working Girl during the Women Tell All special.

When asked if Jake might change his mind and take Ali back, Chris says: "I've learned in this life to never guarantee anything. But based on what I know right now, I will guarantee that Jake is very much in love with who he chose and nothing is going to change that. People misconstrued what he was saying to Ali, 'I will always, in a way, love you.' I think he meant that as an endearing, friendly comment. And I get it. I think it's weird for people to hear, but I get how he can say that. Part of him did love her."

So just so we're all clear here, here's the bottom line from Chris: "Jake has chosen someone, they're in love, they're doing great, they're still together, and I can't wait for people to see how it ends."

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