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Oh Claire! You really have been hanging out in the wrong places, my dear.

Emilie De Ravin's final line in tonight's episode, revealing her "friend" as You Know Who, was certainly an awesome little jaw-dropper, but the biggest revelation of tonight's episode--which I just tossed at show runner Damon Lindelof--has to be this one...


The Flash-Sideways World Has to Stick in the Very End. How do we know this? 'Cause in this sideways reality (where Flight 815 landed safely), Jack now has a son, an awesome son, the kind of son who would make Keri Russell proud if she'd given him up for adoption because he's that crazy talented. And if there's one cardinal rule of primetime network television it is this: You cannot write off children! Especially if they are of the adorable and fragile variety, as is David Shephard. So this sideways world has to exist someway and somehow in the very end...Right?!

I just shared this thought with Lost mastermind Damon Lindelof himself, explaining (pleading) that Jack's son David has to stick around for good, and Damon shot back: "I will put in your David request…Apparently I have some pull over here." Yay! So I've heard.

So one thing seems clear after tonight's episode for any remaining doubters: Lost's "Flash Sideways" world isn't just a fun little game of "What would have happened if the plane landed safely?" but rather a real existence that matters in the very end to all the Losties we love.

Jack Is Getting Good Again! Kudos to Lost's writers for the heart-tugging scene in which Jack fully affronts his father Christian's "you don't have what it takes" style of fatherhood and tells David that he will always love him, no matter what. (Tear!) Jack Shephard was far more likeable in this episode than he's been in quite some time, and I'm digging it.

One Possible Outcome? Just speculating here after what we saw tonight: Jack could end up being The One who is supposed to protect the island--as Jacob said, Jack "has to do something"--but I'm wondering now that we've seen Jack's son if the good doctor/father will have to give up living in the Flash Sideways world with David in order to fulfill his island destiny. It'd be the ultimate sacrifice and fully redeem our hopeful hero, right? (And if you followed any of that, you've had as much coffee as me tonight...I am guessing here.)

Claire Has Been "Claimed" by the Man in Black. Feral Claire revealing her "friend" as Fake Locke can't mean good things for Sayid Jarrah, who is also "claimed." Clearly, that Locke Mess Monster is one charmingly persuasive dude as he has convinced Claire to do his bidding by telling her the Temple people stole Aaron.

Best Sign of the Night: "Welcome Candidates!" which greeted Jack Shephard at the entrance of Williams Conservatory. Thanks, Jacob!

Lost, Emilie de Ravin

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What Is the Island? That very question will be answered in less time than you think--about halfway through the final season, according to my sources. Awesome, right? And you know who's going to help deliver the message! The fantastic, ever-young Mr. Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) and of course, Jacob (Mark Pellegrino). It's a scene from the past and it's gonna be good.

So…What Is the Island? It's described as a four-letter word. There's your first clue! Shall we play Hangman? There are no A's or E's in the word…Wanna buy another vowel? Okay, one more thing I can tell you is this: The Island has to exist, from what I've been told, and more importantly, someone has to protect it. It's important to the fate of the world outside of the island.

Who's Good and Who's Evil? Jorge Garcia tells me this: "I don't think Hurley is going to be turn-able. Like I don't think he can…turn dark. I mean, it'd be interesting if there was a flash of that." Is it possible that the candidates cannot be turned? If so, what's up with Sayid?

Spoiler Alert: Find out which dead Lostie will be back!

Then comment below with what you thought of tonight's episode, plus anything and everything I overlooked tonight...

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