Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen, Kate Gosselin, Jon Gosselin

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Charlie Sheen is in rehab. Brooke Mueller juggles rehabs. Uh, so what's up with their kids? They get to go, too?

Child services has been paying "routine visit" after "routine visit" to Brooke and Charlie's house, sure, but what exactly are they looking for?

Physical safety is important, natch. And we're glad that while uber-wealthy mommy Brooke and daddy Charlie finish out their respective get-well stints, they're able to enlist the help of handlers and grandparents to watch their children...but, we just have to ask, is anyone thinking of the mental repercussions here?

Think back to when Jon and Kate Gosselin were going through their very public divorce. Everyone was spouting off about how very worried they were about all those damn kids, us included. Folks were screaming about the effect the Gosselins' fame thirst was having on all those offspring. Even Octomom had to face media hell while everyone questioned her parenting capabilities.

Duh, those instances were rightfully questioned.

But WTF?

Just because each clan had eight kids, that trumps Charlie and Brooke's two tots? Mueller and Sheen are just as crackers (if not moreso) than the rest of them. It just seems that no one—media and otherwise—are even that concerned with little Max and Bob.

We're semi relieved the LA Child Services Department is on the case, we just hope they're looking in all the right places.

Oh, and obviously glad Charlie and Brooke are seeking the help they need. Just hope, in the meantime, someone is thinking long-term about what's best for their little ones.


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