Desperate Housewives, Dana Delaney, Julie Benz

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Well, it may not start out as a coming-out party, but it sure ends up that way!

Let's back up: Remember when it was announced that Dana Delany and Julie Benz would have a lesbian affair on Desperate Housewives, and Dana couldn't stop talking about how "honored" she was to be doing so? Julie, who plays new lesbian stripper nabe Robin to resident chill-factor Katherine (Delany), stops by a soiree that's in honor of recent cancer-survivor Mrs. McCluskey (played by real-life cancer survivor Kathryn Joosten).

And instead of becoming happy on champagne, Julie gets—SPOILER ALERT!—nudged in the behind...

By Katherine, who dares Julie to use this happy occasion to announce their little blessed event, i.e., Sapphic love.

And, of course, it's a man that's caused it all to go down to begin with, so typical.

See, Katherine's getting just too upset that Julie's flirting with dudes at the get-together, so she decides it's high time their more than sisterly love gets out there in the open, as it were.

And, so—I simply can't tell you everything, because even though I'm a bitch, I'm not a total bitch—one of the two characters then announces their lesbian affair. Completely without consulting the other.

So, you just might say, somebody gets outed on Desperate Housewives!

Think Desperate genius Marc Cherry was inspired by all this constant lesbian-hunting in the press, you know, Lindsay Lohan is gay, no, now, she's not gay? That sort of thing? Wouldn't surprise me.

Come to think of it, Lohan wouldn't have been bad as the part of the gay stripper, fab though Julie Benz is. Think Marc could write another role for Lindsay? A fabulously successful and gifted childhood actor who moves to Wisteria Lane after deciding to give it all up for drugs, butch dames and a leggings line?

Nope, nobody would believe it.


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