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Anyone else's head still spinning after last nights' crazyass Bachelor smackdown between Chris Harrison and Rozlyn Papa, in which she assaulted his integrity and called pretty much everyone in the room a liar?

Well, I just got off the phone with Chris Harrison himself, and he told me he has a few final words for Rozlyn:


No, really, that's what he would like to say: nada!

"You can put this in print," Chris told me. "You won't hear me speak out about Rozlyn any more after this interview." (Which, um, confession: I pretty much begged him to do—as we also talked about Monday's big finale.) "All I wanted was for everybody to see what you saw in the special, and I think everybody should and will be moving on now."

You gotta hand it to Chris: He was nothing if not a class act in last night's The Bachelor: Women Tell All installment, keeping his cool amidst a heated debate with Rozlyn, who attacked his integrity. (Rozlyn, in case you've been living under a rock, is the contestant who was booted from the show after having what she calls a "friendship" with a show producer, while everyone else in the house with eyeballs called it so much more.)

"I feel really good about it all," Chris told me today, "because I wanted the Women Tell All to air as is, nothing cut, you saw everything. I wanted the audience to hear the details—what the women saw, how [Rozlyn and the producer] made it so obvious and out in the open. I just wanted you to hear and see everything for yourself and then you can judge and come to your own opinions."

And we all agree that Rozlyn pretty much hung herself out to dry on prime-time TV, right?

Apparently it isn't just the fans who have rallied behind the Bachelor's likeable master of ceremonies during this whole nutty scandal. "One of the coolest things," Chris told me, "has been the response I've gotten from all the former Bachelors and Bachelorettes. Like Trista, Ryan, Andrew Firestone, Andy Baldwin, Bob Guiney, Jesse Csincsak, Deanna—all these people have just come out of the woodwork saying 'We've got your back,' from texts or twitters, and it's kind of cool."

And now, we can move on to Monday's season-ending Bachelor extravaganza, in which we finally find out if the rumors of Vienna winning are true and how Jake and his chosen lady are doing now. Hurrah!

"I feel bad if this [Rozlyn scandal] has taken away, in any way, from our finale," Chris said. "I hope people will realize this nonsense is long behind us and they will move on to the finale, because Tenley and Vienna and Jake deserve it. It's a really good finale; it's beautiful. It's in Saint Lucia, and it's one of the most beautiful finales we've ever had. It'll be really great to watch."

Stand by for more from Chris! As we get closer to Monday's big Bachelor finale, check back for Chris' take on how and why Vienna and Tenley made it so far, if there's any chance Ali may still have a shot and more...

In the meantime, if you missed it, get all the scoop on the Women Tell All! Plus, did you see what Ali said about not wanting to be the Bachelorette?

And if you agree that Chris deserves to be commended for keeping his cool with Rozlyn during last night's show, join the other Bachelors and Bachelorettes below...

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