Andrew Koenig

No news continues to be bad news in the case of the missing Growing Pains star.

While Vancouver police continue their search for Andrew Koenig, hopeful that he is still alive, friends of the actor are offering some startling realizations…and even some theories.

For one thing, Koenig's apartment in Venice, Calif., is completely empty.

"I just went by to see if anybody was there," filmmaker Lance Miccio tells E! News of his visit Monday night. "It was empty, just like if someone had moved out."

Koenig reportedly gave his 30-day notice to his landlord and vacated the place earlier this month.

Miccio, who worked on two recent movies that the 41-year-old edited, says his pal was an incredibly talented actor and editor but that Koenig seemed to have lost some of his enthusiasm for his work in the past few months.

"He turned down some jobs, but maybe he just got tired with Hollywood scene," Miccio suggests. "It's not that he didn't like to work. It's entirely possible he went nature boy, Into the Wild," he adds, referring to the book and movie.

To that end, Vancouver Sun editor Maggie Langrick, who has been friends with Koenig since the late-1980s, tells E! News he was an outdoorsy guy.

"He is a person who really enjoys being in nature," she says. "He really feels happiest in his natural surroundings."

Langrick also says Andrew is a caring, sensitive soul who wants to make things right in the world, but that darkness may have loomed in the background of his life.

"I can't say he struggled [with depression] throughout his whole life," she claims. "But the depression isn't something that came out of nowhere."

Koenig's father, Star Trek actor Walter Koenig, has said that the received a "despondent" letter from his son before his disappearance. Meanwhile, when Miccio last saw Andrew, he says the actor made a seemingly innocuous point to return some borrowed property. Both those developments were seen as potential danger signs for family and friends.

Both Miccio and Langrick said Andrew had talked about moving back to Vancouver. He was last seen in the city on Feb. 14. Police say the last time there was activity on either his cell phone or credit card was two days later, when he was due to fly back to L.A.

He never made the plane.


Anyone who has spotted Koenig or has information on his whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Vancouver police at 604-717-2534.

Get all the latest details on the Andrew Koenig case right here.

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