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While it's debatable how the public feels about Tiger Woods' mea culpa last Friday, friends and family of the pro golfer are still reeling from Tiger's mistress mess. Elin Woods, in particular.

Tiger's wife knew what a "circus" last week's media event would be, we're told by Tiger campers who helped put the conference together. So she stayed away, as a result, disappointing many members of Tiger's team. Who can blame her, really?

Not to sound like a Hollywood publicist, but, appearances can be deceiving, and it does seem as if Elin has started to forgive her cheating hubby.

Is it helping him?


"He is a broken man. It's sad to see, honestly," confesses a Tiger confidante who was steadfast by Woods' side through his recent media ordeal.

Woods' shattered frame of mind isn't at all surprising, considering how very let down his friends and colleagues feel right now.

"[Tiger], his mother, friends, and family are hurt and fractured," reveals a member deep inside Camp Woods. "It will take a long time to heal this one."

Interestingly, what didn't take a long time was putting together Operation Mend Tiger's Image last week. We're assured TW's crew only had 48 hours notice to make the press conference happen!

So...is that why Tiger forgot to wear a tie?

Also a bit scary is the fact that Woods had a 130-person security detail in tow for the appearance. Does Camp Tiger really think America's that angry with him?

What do you think: Are you ready to forgive and forget Tiger's past? Or is the slutty damage done and done?


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