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In The Yellow Handkerchief, Kristen Stewart does what Kristen Stewart does best: She plays a "troubled and lonely teenager," as the plot synopsis describes it.

The flick was shot years ago (pre-Twilight), and K.Stew's fab acting ability remains intact. But this role seems to be one we've seen her do a few times before.

So does Kristen think this is another repetitive troubled love story?

We're so looking forward to seeing this movie, but when first reading over what it's about, it's described as "a love story at its core." This is hardly the first movie about twisted love to come along, and definitely not the first time you've played the angsty teenager role...

"Yeah." [nodding in agreement]

So when you sign on to a movie like this, how do you bring your own originality to it?

"Well, I think it had originality to it. There were two love stories that were all about characters that would normally not be leading characters. I looked at every single one of them and sort of went like, they're weird.

"They're not your typical leading men. Gordy [Eddie Redmayne] is not your typical leading man, nor is William [Hurt]'s seriously hurt Brett [character]...the fact that it's a quaint story and a love story, and two love stories that are more exploratory and unique and not necessarily this epic thing. It's not a movie that has a bunch of plot events. Really everything happens within tiny little glances."

Ugh, we just totally heart this girl she could pretty much sell us on anything.

So, as you've heard straight from Kristen's mouth, she doesn't think The Yellow Handkerchief qualifies as just another love story.

But are you sold to see it? The film comes out in limited release February 26.


Kristen broke out with her performance in Twilight. Learn more in The Dawn of Twilight gallery.

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