Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgard

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Dear Ted:
I just saw pictures of Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth at an event together in NYC. They deny being together but always show up together places. Why won't they just admit they're together? Are they even together?

Dear Big Apples Babes:
By "together" do you mean exclusively as a couple or occasionally as two sexy stars that just like to get it on? It depends on how you define it.

Dear Ted:
Can you give us your true opinion: Do you think Robsten are in a committed relationship or just an occasional date? Before this drama (Summit/manager/distance/work) I thought they were in love, because when a girl breaks up with her long-time boyfriend, it's because she found someone really important, and, at the time, Rob seemed be so in love. But now, with this drama, I don't know anymore. They seem very strange and blogs are reporting "they broke up" or "they're not as close as they were before." What's going on?
—Susan Marie

Dear Robsten Wronged:
Everyone is getting themselves in a tizzy over the Robsten drama. Everyone except Rob and Kristen. They are cooling down to focus on career opportunities and def aren't worrying about what the press is saying about their relaysh.

Dear Ted:
It takes a big person to admit when he's wrong like you did with Danneel Harris, but I have to wonder...if you were so off base about her and Jensen Ackles relationship then what's to say you aren't off base about Rob and Kristen, or Brangelina, or Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Garner being, well, what you've described them as being? I've been reading you for years and always thought you were pretty trustworthy and just altogether better than other gossip writers, but now I have doubts about you quality of information. Please reassure me that you usually verify things before you post them and the fake wedding thing was just an aberration.

Dear Faltering Fan:
What did I admit to being wrong about? I only said Danneel impressed me, which she did.

Dear Ted:
I love Sandra Bullock, so is she as awesome and down to earth as she seems? Is she one of the few "normal" ones left in Hollywood?

Dear Blind Sided:
Sandy definitely has a good and gorgeous head on her shoulders compared to half the other kooks in this town...which is partly why she's going to nab that Oscar. 'Cause let's face it, SB in The Blind Side (as much as I enjoyed it) was hardly the best performance by an actress last year.

Dear Ted:
, how adorable are you? Can I please call you Teddy? OK, back to business...I do have a question and I can only trust you: Concerning those hot Eclipse leaked pics, do you think that Summit has finally realized how important Robert and Kristen, I mean Edward and Bella, are to the Twilight franchise?

Dear Summit Ain't Stupid:
You think Summit is just now realizing how important Robsten is to Twilight's success? Sure, they tried to push man-child Taylor Lautner on us for a while, but have no doubts about it, Summit knows Robsten is the money maker.

Dear Ted:
I love you! My guess for Roxy Courture is Gwen Stefani. Am I right? Love and kisses from the Windy City.

Dear No Doubt About It:
Nope, this done-wrong diva isn't Gwenny. Miss Roxy isn't quite so hardcore.

Dear Ted:
What in the heck is up with Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols? I used to think she had taste and a bit of class, but that short red dress she wore at Fashion Week left almost nothing to the imagination and looked like it belonged in the red light district. And what is up with Austin Nichols. He not only looked a bit of a mess (was he hitting the tequila early?) he looked more like one of the girls on the fashion sidelines than a boyfriend.

Dear Bush Basher:
Call off the sting operation—Sophia has hardly been looking like a hooker lately. While the dress may have been mega-mini, she's a classy gal and compensated by covering up on top (that's practically chaste by Hollywood standards). As for Austin, well, I'm sure he enjoyed looking at all the pretty dresses.

Dear Ted:
Before breaking up (and from your BBs, I do assume that they have broken up and are done for good), were Judas and Dashed ever spotted together in public, like one of those bromances that are so common in Hollywood?

Dear On The Down Low, Bro:
Sure they were, but I bet you didn't think anything of it at the time.

Dear Ted:
Assuming Toothy Tile ever comes out, will Grey Goose come out with him? Or will he stay in the closet and continue bearding?

Dear Out of the Closet:
With the stress that he's been under about not living loud and proud, if Toothy ever finally breaks down the closet door he's pulling Grey out with him. GG's career wouldn't be as affected by the outing as TT's.

Dear Ted:
Just wondering why Brad and Angie would stay together if things really are so bad between them? They are both successful individuals and if they aren't happy they shouldn't be together, so why are they sticking it out? And don't you think the pressnot you, my honeyaren't helping them much by printing negative stories about them. Couldn't that push them into separating?

Dear Not So Simple:
Haven't you heard of staying together for the kids? Especially when there is a whole pack of them! But Ange would never let a break up happen on the tabloids time, she'll make sure that if it happens it goes down exactly when, where, and how she wants it to. Plus, never said they're miserable together. Surely good sex counts for something.

Dear Ted:
Any updates on Butter Pussy? Is she any closer to coming out?
—Cheering Her On

Dear Extra Buttery:
A coming out question that isn't about Toothy? Color me shocked! Miss Pussy isn't coming out at the moment, but that doesn't mean she's completely ruled the idea out.

Dear Ted:
Call me ignorant, but what is the "casting-couch cliché" you refered to in Friday's BB column?

Dear Naive:
A casting couch is when an actor works really hard for a part. And I don't mean with a dramatic monologue.

Dear Ted:
Can you please, please tell us what the real deal is with Nick and Miley and Nick and Selena Gomez? Who's more serious? I so agree with you Selena is a money-hungry goody-goody two shoes that loves attention and talking behind peoples backs.

Dear Miley:
You don't have to talk trash about Selena. We're all rooting for you anyways, Miles!

Dear Ted:
My coworker and I love your posts and are constantly guessing at your BV's, especially Nelly Fang. Is he an American or foreign actor? Give us some clues!

Dear Clued In:
Aren't all vampires from Transylvania?

Dear Ted:
Is it true Kristen and Taylor will be giving an award at the Oscars? Why does everybody just force them into our heads? We don't want them! I think you know who we want...

Dear Obvious One:
Looks like it. Apparently Taylor's people are still trying to convince us he's a serious actor...even after Valentine's Day.


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