The skies just got a little less friendly for Sky Blu.

The rapper (real name: Skyler Gordy) for Grammy-nominated electro-hop act LMFAO took to the Web today to tell his side of the story about an in-plane altercation with former Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney.

Here's how Blu says things went down between him and the ex-Massachusetts governor as their Los Angeles-bound plane sat on the runway in Vancouver after both attended Olympics-related events.

"So we're in the airplane, it's...on the tarmac and I'm trying to adjust myself so I can go to sleep. I'm tired," Blu says in the video. "So I get my new Party Rock jacket. I put it over me and I start to sleep and I'm just too upright...[so] I laid back and I just hear this guy, 'Sir! Sir! Put your seat up!' "

Blu thought it was a flight attendant. But when he turned around he says Romney was scolding the musician.

" 'You serious? I mean, what did I do to you?' " Blu replied. "I mean you ask nicely then I'll put it up'...but I don't understand [the yelling]."

Blu says that's when Romney grabbed the seat.

"I just react, 'Boom! Get off of me," the MC said. "I just wanted the man not to touch me, or grab me...he put a condor grip on a Vulcan grip. I'm not your prey. I'm not a salmon coming upstream."

At that point, Romney's wife apparently began calling for a flight attendant, who called in the cops.

"I'm sure he's a nice guy and it's just an unfortunate situation that happened," lamented the rapper.

When police arrived, Blu agreed to keep his distance and subsequently took the next flight out. He said he taped the video so people could know his version of how things went down.

And just to show there weren't any hard feelings, he added that he thought Romney was a good guy—but Blu will never vote for him.


This isn't the first mile-high incident of the week. Do you remember what else happened?

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