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Last night, we hit up the L.A. premiere for Kristen Stewart's latest indie flick, The Yellow Handkerchief, and had chatted with an unusually calm KS (you should have heard the photogs screaming at her) and her adorable costar Eddie Redmayne

Earlier, K.Stew had 'fessed how she preferred Eddie's lip-lockin' skills to those of Rob Pattinson's, and even stuck by her choice when cross-examined later by Marc Malkin

So, how did Mr. Redmayne—a longtime pal of Rob's, FYI—rate Kristen's kissability?

After making sure Eddie was filled in on how Kristen thought he was a good kisser, we had to ask if the feeling was mutual.

"Well, I paid her to say that. But yeah absolutely mutual," spilled Eddie at the Pacific Design Center event last night.

However, the yummy Brit started to get a tad awkward when continuing on...

"I can't, I can't...I have to be careful what I say because she's...she's a wonderful girl."

Uh, come again? What exactly is making Eddie so nervous about blabbing on Kristen's good lip service? She had no problem joking around!

We think it's Guy Code 101. Let's fill in the blanks for ER, shall we?

I have to be careful what I say because she's...my good mate's girl.

We think that's pretty feasible, don't you?!

Kristen did dish yesterday on whether she ever feels awkward filming the more intimate scenes, like the ones with Rob's buddy:

"It depends on how you're thinking about it," Miss Stewart, who looked stunning dressed in Azzaro, said. "You're probably going back and forth every other second going this is weird to no it's my job to I'm actually really into this to this is weird. You know what I mean? You should be able to lose yourself. But of course you're standing around 100 people."

K.Stew is a pretty lucky babe to have both Eddie and Rob as on-screen smooch notches. But we all know which guy she'll choose when the cameras aren't rolling, right?


K.Stew looked sparkly-sexy at the premiere. Check out more looks in the Fashion Spotlight: Kristen Stewart gallery.

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