Nick Jonas

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Look who's lookin' all grown up.

Nick Jonas, the youngest of the three JoBros, poses "casually" against his huge SUV as he waits for his gas to pump, showing some too-cool-for-school 'tude for the waiting paparazzi.

While Kevin and Joe were spotted tossing a football around nearby—which became unintentionally hilarious thanks to Kev's cardigan and an overall sense of less-than-athleticism—Miley Cyrus ex has been focused on securing his role as a solo dreamboat outside the family band.

So is one third of the group enough to satisfy tween daydreams?

Looks like it.

Kevin dropped the nuptial bomb on the boys last year and is bubbling around in what we assume, for the once-chaste oldest Jonas, is wedded bliss. And Joe is getting very little attention for anything now that he and Taylor Swift are cool. So N.J. has been given the perfect opportunity to make a name for himself.

With a recent solo album—Nick's been compared to Bruce Springsteen for the Disney generation—and a string of rumored relationships, most recently with teen goodie-goodie Selena Gomez, Nicky-poo seems to be doing just fine on his own.

Still, with those almost grown up muscles popping out from underneath his tee, it just reminds us how much more we wish the grown up JoBro would be with Miley (Niley 4eva).

After all, these two wannabe bad teens are so a match made in pop royalty heaven. Dontcha agree? Let's just hope Niley eventually meets a better star-crossed fate than Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, which, for the boo-hoo record, we're still mourning, aren't you?


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