Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

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Exciting news across the pond!

Kristen Stewart is heading over to London this weekend, 'cause the babe's nominated for BAFTA's Orange Rising Star award. But of course, we're sure you're already aware of that potentially delicious news.

So who will also be at the British awards show as a presenter?

Well, Robert Pattinson of course...

R.Pattz was confirmed today that he'll be on hand during Sunday's ceremony, and we also caught a glimpse of where Kristen will be sitting (behind Rob's Bel Ami costars if ya notice).

Le sigh, no Rob seat card lovingly placed next to her, though. Is that 'cause Rob and Kristen are taking their relationship sorta-break super seriously?

Nah, Robsten doesn't fall back in line that easily, but if you're hoping for real life Twilight lovefest we hate to burst your bubble. It ain't gonna happen.

We're told R & K will be their utterly mature selves while all dolled up this weekend. Like, when have we ever seen Robsten get couple-y during their public appearances? Never. But hey, like we've always said we would be uber happy to be proven wrong.

Or, perhaps we can get lucky and have another fan-pic incident.

Kristen is in LA tonight for her premiere of The Yellow Handkerchief (we're too excited, aren't you?), but we expect her over in Rob's territory veddy soos, as does he.

But privately—as usual. Hate them!

So, is it good enough R.Pattz and K.Stew will get a little hang time this weekend? Or does it not count if they aren't slobbering all over each other publicly?


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