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Sure, all the media hype about Glee's return on April 13 focuses on the "Madonna episode" and guest stars like Jennifer Lopez, Neil Patrick Harris, Olivia Newton-John and Idina Menzel, but we superfans have other priorities.

Like what? Well, we're dying to know who Rachel will choose: Finn, Puck or a player to be named later? Will Tina and Artie reconcile? And last but not least, will Mr. Schuester leave his witchy wife, Terri, for McKinley High's saintly, germophobic guidance counselor, Emma?

We just caught up with Jessalyn Gilsig (Terri) and Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester), and here's what they reveal about the upcoming Terri-Emma-Will drama...

So will Will and Emma live happily ever after when we return for Glee, Volume II: The Road to Regionals? Probably not. Matthew Morrison tells us, "Things are on the outs for me and Terri, but she's still gonna come back and try and ruin my life, I'm sure. And we'll see. I might be with Emma, might have some other possible love interests." What?! Wasn't the love polygon complicated enough when Emma was canoodling with Coach Tanaka (Patrick Gallagher)?

Separate from any new ladies in Mr. Schuester's life, Gilsig (love her, love to hate Terri) concurs that the love triangle—and the Schuester relationship—is not done, not by a long shot. She says, "It's not over! He was married to me, and still kissed [Emma]! But I'm not going anywhere. You think that's enough to get rid of Terri? That's just a minor glitch in her determination to get him back. That's not enough to throw me off, no way. Have you seen that redhead? I could take her like that. [Snaps.] I'm definitely not giving up without another fight."

Still, there's hope that Emma and Will might at least get a little together time before Terri interrupts their happiness again. How so? Morrison says, "I'm not wearing my wedding ring, so...[Laughs.]" So yay!

No matter what, the stars promise us that there is tons more Glee goodness to come. Gilsig says, "I think the [fans] are going to be happy...just when you think we've all been put in our boxes, suddenly you learn something new about every character. So, it really feels like a fresh season, even though we're midway through the first season."

Any theories on which character could be a potential third lady in Mr. Schuester's life? (Maybe Idina Menzel?) What do you want to see happen for Will and Emma when Glee returns in April?


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