Kevin Eubanks, Jay Leno

NBC Photo: Paul Drinkwater

If this isn't an indication that Jay Leno's bandleader was a closet Team CoCo supporter, we don't know what is. Except maybe our wishful thinking.

Amid rumors that canned-laughter king Kevin Eubanks will be leaving Leno's side when Jay reclaims the Tonight Show franchise next month, the guitarist has taken to—where else?—Twitter to clear up the claims.

"I'll still be around on the show, but less as of now," he wrote. "I'll tweet when a definite plan is set. Thanks again guys."

There's no word yet on who will replace Eubanks or—depending on how that definite plan shakes out—possibly split duties with him. And far be it from us to put a candidate forward, but Conan O'Brien did prove on his last show that he can play a mean guitar. And he is currently looking for work...just sayin'.


Maybe Kev was just bitter about not getting invited to the Super Bowl party?

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