Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen

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With Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods practically out-headlining each other right now, we have to ask:

Who's more likely to get their skank on, an athlete or a movie star?

Tigergate is pushing three months now, and Woods is finally ready to talk. Team Tiger released a statement yesterday saying that the famous golfer (now more infamous for his skanks on the side) will publicly be "speaking to a small group of friends" Friday to apologize and address his past and his future.

But, TW is hardly the first athlete to pull a press-conference type mea culpa (Kobe Bryant anyone?) and has def made athletes live up to their dirty reps. And our Blind Vices do focus on the sleaziest of sleazy, and the majority of Vicers do happen to be film stars.

But are sport figures really better at being bad than other celebs?

Let's find out...

We asked the famous folk at the NBA all-star event in Dallas last weekend whether they thought athletes or movie stars get into more mischief, and the responses were virtually unanimous:

Hip-hop sensation Drake "Definitely movie stars. There are more temptations around, making it easier for stars to get into trouble."

Genius singer Mary J. Blige: "Athletes are trained to take care of themselves. Celebrities, not so much so. Celebrities probably get into more trouble than athletes since they live in a whole other world."

Funnyman Chris Tucker: "Celebrities get into more trouble. They live in their own fantasy world and believe that they live in these worlds that aren't a part of reality. They forget that they still live on the same planet as the rest of us."

We agree—actors and actresses get into a whole lot of trouble, but we can't disregard the sports stars, either.

Terrell Owens said it best:

"Athletes and celebrities probably both get into as much trouble as the other. It just depends on who gets caught."

Hear that, Charlie?

—Additional reporting by Chris Coats


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