Kim Kardashian

At least one guy out there doesn’t realize a casual conversation on the plane can be shared with 3 million people.

Specifically when your seatmate is Kim Kardashian.

It seems our resident reality star found out that a fellow passenger on her flight from New York to L.A. Tuesday night was supposedly an air marshal and, naturally, felt the need to share the news with her Twitter followers...

"I'm on the wifi! I am sitting next to an Air Marshall! Jim the air marshall makes me feel safe!" she wrote.

The revelation was immediately met with criticism since such info is usually kept on the down-low for things like, oh say, the safety of the other people onboard.

But Kim tried to put it all in perspective, tweeting: "RELAX I just told u guys the Air Marshall is sitting next to me, highly doubt anyone is twittering like me on this flight! shhhh."

Of course, nobody really knows for sure if Kim's seat companion was in fact an air marshal and, as some have suggested, in danger of losing his job for revealing his occupation.

Maybe it was simply a very creative pickup line by some dude hoping to join the mile-high club.

Thereby giving him something to twitter about.


Time will tell if the alleged air marshal eventually makes it into our Tweet Peeks gallery.

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