Quentin Tarantino, James Cameron

Paul Fenton/ZUMAPress.com; Dave Longendyke/Globe Photos/ZUMAPRESS.com

I realize Robert Pattinson's relationship with vaginas is far more newsworthy right now, but I'm getting creeped out by something even weirder: James Cameron's overshadowing of Quentin Tarantino.

It's almost as upsetting as the fact that folks are taking Rob's obviously jokey vaginal comments as being for real.

Point is, with Basterds, Tarantino has reached a pinnacle in his often irreverent and typically not-taken-terribly-seriously film career. He can be dismissed as an assembler of quirky film homage, quite unlike the billion-dollar-box-office genius that is James Cameron. Jackie Brown Vs. Titantic? Oh, please!

And certainly this year's Oscar odds are proving Cameron's winning the race—yet again. It's all about Avatar (with some very possible healthy competition from DGA winner, Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow). But, where the hell is Tarantino in all this?

Overshadowed, per usual, by a derivative glitzy-gizmomeister. Cameron's brilliant at 3-D movie-rides and shows, no doubt, but, I'll take a highly original (not to mention poignantly gripping) re-telling of the Holocaust where—Hitler's vengefully and deliciously blown to smithereens over what was essentially Return to Star Wars: Unspoken Love—any day.


Here are some other things that ticked off Ted

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