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Here we go again.

Proving that real life is always more interesting than any premise they can script on MTV's "reality" series The Hills: There's been a tabloid report that Kristin Cavallari has a drug problem.

MTV declined to comment but an E! News source says it's not true.

"That's ridiculous," says our insider. "I have never seen her do coke. When she was in Miami she was partying till like 3 a.m. and didn't do drugs once. And if there was anytime to do it, it would have been then!" 

Cavallari has also been very professional while taping The Hills, says our source, and hasn't been missing her shoots:

"She is always there bright and early and happy to do it," says our source. "Nobody on the production crew said anything bad about her work ethic or about her being difficult on set. She's only missed a taping once and it was for a lame birthday party for [a costar's] 7-year-old neighbor, Enzo. Nobody wanted to go to that so I don't blame her."

So other than dodging rumors and Justin Bobby, what's Cavallari been up to?

Flirting with New York Jets player Mark Sanchez and dating SBE Entertainment Group CEO, Sam Nazarian. Ya know, the former boss of she who will not be named on this site.

"They were kissing at the table at Wall Lounge in the W hotel in front of everyone," says our source of a Super Bowl sighting. "He was so nice to all her friends, too. He took care of everything at the clubs."

Like we said, you just can't make this stuff up.


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