Kevin Smith, Ruby Gettinger

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images; Style Network

After firing off something just shy of 200 tweets on the topic, Kevin Smith is so over being this week's watercooler topic.

"DONE with this," the perfectly airline-sized director tweeted last night, redirecting supporters—and, let's be honest, haters—to his blog for any further exchanges. "G'night, folks. Let's talk about anything else tomorrow."

But it seems not everyone got the memo. Exhibit A: our own Ruby Gettinger.

"I feel so sad for Kevin!" the Style network's resident inspirational dieter tells  E! News. "I can only imagine what that must have felt like! No one should be removed from a plane because of their weight!"

Particularly not when one's weight falls well within Southwest Airlines' own clearly nonstandard and tactlessly enforced restrictions.

"We all come in different shapes and sizes and deserve to be treated with respect," says Ruby, who has firsthand experience with such matters.

"The first time I went on a plane I was close to 700 pounds and I had no idea how small the seats were and the man sitting next to me was not happy at all! I felt so bad! After that experience, I never flew without a friend to sit next to me or I would buy two seats.

"I really do not know the whole story, but I do know no one should be put out or embarrassed when flying. My personal opinion is this kind of stuff should be taken care of in private before someone like me or Kevin enters a plane. We need to remember that we may have different shells, but we are still the same on the inside!"

If Kevin's still waiting on that invite to Oprah's couch, he may have just found his in.


If you ask us, Kevin Smith chewing the fat with Oprah would definitely make the cut of the talk queen's most Memorable Moments.

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