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Despite Summit's well crafted "nothing's been decided yet" response, the fourth Twilight book is coming to the big screen, double the fun.

While the always-on Nikki Finke helped confirm yesterday what we've been telling you all along, that Breaking Dawn will be two films, we're here to update you on a few more of Finke's tidbits...

"It's solid [Breaking Dawn] will be filmed back-to-back," gushes Deep Twi, who seems quite relieved something's been figured out.

Geez, that's not exactly a shocker, considering last June we reported how Summit was "cranking them out as fast as they can" and "shooting [all the sequels] back-to-back."

While the motivation back then was more to keep their horny cast at bay (we assure you, that concern is still there) it's also because the stars of Twilight are exploding and Summit needs to get these films shot before all their money-makers get too busy.

Howevs, just because the suits are making a lot of progress doesn't mean all has been resolved.

We're told Summit is "nowhere close" to deciding upon a director(s) for the final Twilight flicks.

Adds our insider:

"Melissa Rosenberg is closer to having both scripts done."

As we told you last week, a fall start date is still ideal to begin shooting the final two movies, and apparently the studio feels "confident" that will happen.


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