Porta de Rossi, The Advocate cover

The Advocate

Want to know what goes on between Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi in private? Just ask!

We're happy to report that, unlike most celebs, De Rossi says she doesn't mind talking about her private life with her talk show queen wife...

"Maybe by sharing my life, I can make people more aware of how important gay marriage is," De Rossi says in the new issue of The Advocate magazine.

But if you don't have the chance to chat with the blonde bombshell in person, you can always check out the gay character she played on Nip/Tuck...

While De Rossi says it was "weird playing a lesbian," she also admits, "It was probably the closest to myself I've ever played. There were certain speeches that I would give about how hard it is to be a lesbian, and I would find myself bringing in a certain emotion that I attached to that statement. It was tricky. Was it me, or was it the character?"

The former Ally McBeal star will also be releasing a memoir centered on her eating disorders. "[The book] will deal with all the secrets that nearly killed me," she says. "I abused my body. I had bulimia. I would use fen-phen. I wanted to talk about all that. But obviously I can't do that without talking about my sexuality."

Rock on, De Rossi!


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