Kara DioGuardi, Maxim

Chris Mcpherson/Maxim Magazine

American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi seriously wants all bikini attention on her right now! First that weird strip show thing on Idol and now a Maxim spread. Everyone, tell her how good she looks!

When paparazzi asked Jessica Simpson what she thought of John Mayer's "sexual napalm" comment, she just laughed.

• Megan Fox has an Emporio Armani underwear commercial out; this time she didn't need any thumb stand-ins.

Good news! Secret Celebrity Hoarder Lindsay Lohan got her house all cleaned up. Dina Lohan approves and now Lindsay can see her giant self-portraits.

Hmmm, so Joe Jonas is still wearing his purity ring but Nick's seems to have disappeared. We are now officially on Jonas Brother purity ring watch.

If you're feeling extra masochistic today, there's this Steppin' Out magazine cover featuring Jon Gosselin's ex Hailey Glassman wearing some pretty nasty stuff. She also talks about J.Goss' small penis. Ugh.


 Angelina Jolie is home from Haiti and back in our Big Pic gallery!

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