So what's it like to kiss Hugh Jackman?

We'd love to say we know firsthand, but no, we haven't locked lips with him.

But sexpot actress Ana de la Reguera has—and she's talking!

No, the X-Men star is not cheating on his wife.

Jackman and de la Reguera star in a new smooch-filled Lipton Iced Tea commercial that was shot on a beach in Brazil.

"We had to kiss 30 or 40 times while filming," de la Reguera tells us. "That was my only job—kissing Hugh Jackman!"

That doesn't mean it was easy. "Nobody on set gave us any direction," the actress says. "We were just told we were going to kiss—that's it. We never talked about how long, short or passionate the kiss has to be. I kept thinking, 'What should I do with my hands while we're kissing? Or my mouth? Is he going to think I'm a good kisser?'"

And if that wasn't tough enough, they also had to contend with the steamy tropical climate. "We filmed on the hottest day of the year in Brazil," says de la Reguera, who can also be seen in Cop Out, the upcoming buddy comedy starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. "It was really uncomfortable. Hugh was wearing a suit. It was so hot that you couldn't enjoy it that much. We were dying there."

We should all have such troubles at work.


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