Holly Robinson Peete, John Mayer

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

John Mayer isn't the only one under attack for his now infamous Playboy interview.

Holly Robinson Peete found herself getting some major flak for gushing to me yesterday about how flattered she was by Mayer praising her in said article.

She took to her blog last night to explain what happened...

In short, Peete admits she should have read the entire Mayer interview before she spoke to me.

"It's the biggest no-no of them all and coupled with the White Supremacist 'privates' comments it dawns hard on me that by gushing in public about a compliment by one of my fave artists in this article filled with offenses I look like I am giving him some sort of 'free pass' just cause he said I was cute!" Peete wrote. "Ugh! The whole picture became so vivid. And it began to scare the mess out of me."

The critics continued to pounce when she tried to explain herself on Twitter. "By tweeting he likely wasn't racist...and for seemingly mounting a defense for his racial insensitivities I got twitter-slapped by my peers and labeled a 'Mammie,' " Peete wrote. "And after 25 years in the business that's a first for my resume."

Peete insists she did not write the blog post to defend what she or Mayer said.

"I just hate that anyone would have the impression I condone or excuse racist comments in any context," she wrote. "I do not. That notion would not go over too well during Kwanzaa at the Peete house! That's so not me."


Check out today's Gossip Guru videoblog to find out who else John Mayer should probably be apologizing to.

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