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For everyone who thinks we hate Angelina Jolie, you're totally wrong. Let's just say we know everything in the Brangelina household is hardly peachy friggin' keen, the way she and Brad so want you to believe.

Angie just does a much better job at taking the attention off of herself, while it's written all over Brad Patt's and his grungy beard that something is wearing at his core.

After already pledging $1 million to help Haiti, the very busy actress/humanitarian found time where she's desperately needed, flying down to the distraught country to spend time cheering up some of the kids there (insert "meanwhile Jennifer Aniston drinks for a cause" joke here).

So how exactly was everything with Brad when she left?

"Very up and down," dishes our source close with the Jolie-Pitts.

While our insider claims they are still together (for now), we're told Brad and Angie's abode hasn't exactly been the most tension-free house on the Los Feliz block.

"She has been very moody," 'fesses Deep Brange. Uh, not exactly surprising.

While Brad's just been smelly, as of late, we're also told something else is slightly amiss, vibe-wise, with Brad and Ange. Pals who hang with the power couple admit that "you never know" what the feel and social ambience is going to be like when you're with them.

"Are you walking into happy house-hold or tension-filled household," one Brange insider continued, "you just never know."

As we've been hearing and telling forever, Brangelina is hardly Hollywood's perfect pair. But, clearly, the pros (grotto sex, for starters) outweigh the cons if they're still making it work.

We're gonna keep typing this until we get arthritis in our fingers, though:

Will someone please make Brad Pitt hot again?

We know he's all dark and damaged right now, but we'll start to believe Brangelina's together and happy a lot faster if they look good together while doing it.


Aside from big Haiti donators Angie and Jen, see who else is helping out our Do-Gooder gallery.

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