Molly Shannon

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Just when you thought Glee couldn't get any better...They go and cast Molly Shannon.

Seriously, Glee, stop stealing all the good already!

A show rep and inside sources confirm that former Saturday Night Live funnylady, Molly Shannon, is set to join Glee at the end of the season and her character won't be jumping on the Cheerios train any time soon.

Here's what we're hearing about Molly and her soon-to-be-nemesis, Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch)...

Sources confirm what reported, that Molly will play, "Brenda Castle, the busty 45-year old new astronomy teacher and badminton coach at McKinley high-school who is both an alcoholic and a pill-popper." Word is, Molly's character will exchange a few vocal jabs with Sue Sylvester. (Shocker)

Despite EW's report that Molly has been cast in a recurring role, insiders who work on the show tell me that Molly has only been written into one episode so far, but assuming things go well, there may be more.

Molly also can sing (which you may know from her awesome duets with Will Farrell on SNL), however so far there are no plans for her character to sing on the show according to my moles.

Should we start a campaign? Probably not--since, you know, those Glee bosses sort of know what they're doing.

Are you excited to see Molly on Glee? Is she a good new love interest for Mr. Shue (Matthew Morrison)? He does like the crazies!

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