Nancy Kerrigan, Dan Kerrigan

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images, Mike Powell/ Getty Images

Nancy Kerrigan not only has to deal with the tragic death of her father, but the former Olympic star now faces the prospect of her brother charged with murder.

The Massachusetts state medical examiner has concluded that 70-year-old Daniel Kerrigan died of a heart attack as a result of an attack by his son, Mark Kerrigan, following an argument in their home on Jan. 24.

And while the D.A. says that might open the door to manslaughter or murder charges, the Kerrigans are lashing out any such move.

"The Kerrigan family is extremely disappointed that the medical examiner would release a cause of death without having all of the relevant facts. We believe this finding to be premature and inaccurate," the family said in a statement.

"The Kerrigan family does not blame anyone for the unfortunate death of Dan Kerrigan, who had a pre-existing heart condition."

Mark Kerrigan, 45, was initially arrested on a count of assault and battery on an elder person. Middlesex District Attorney Gerald T. Leone Jr. said today that the new evidence may warrant upgrading that charge.


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