Jennifer Aniston

Dang, girlfriend, talk about a walking ad for yoga, cigs and margaritas.

Jennifer Aniston, who loves to blab about how she keeps her body fit through the mental and apparently physical practice (while still not denying herself life's more dangerous offerings, and we're not just talkin' men), was frolicking around Mexico over the weekend with...well, Gerard Butler, of course.

So are Jen and Gerard as hot as her fortysomething body?

Maybe...for a minute or two. But let's not go so fast as to nickname this couple or anything. Chalk it up to a weekend of fun and tequila rather than a lovefest talking 'bout "where this relationship is going."

Trust us on this one—Jen and Gerard are both perfectly fine being flirt buds. Especially with their movie The Bounty Hunter coming out. Just look at how well the "maybe we're serious, maybe we're not" game worked for Aniston and Vince Vaughn with The Break-Up.

Either way, must give props to JenAn. She looks as hot as the Cabo heat! Those arms and butt are looking as good as, her signature hair even keeps its deliciously coiffed style despite the humidity.

Give us toned and single any day over frail, pasty and too obviously unhappy. We're totally not alluding to anyone there, BTW.


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