Tony Romo, Candice Crawford

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Rumors are swirling again that Tony Romo and Candice Crawford may be ready to walk down that aisle.

Back in December, Candice (Chace Crawford's sister) was spotted sporting something shiny and diamond-like on her left ring finger, but colleagues of Candice's were quick to shoot down engagement rumors.

However, friends close to the Dallas power couple fess Tony and Candice really are getting that serious...

"Tony's ready to make the next step," a bud close to the cute quarterback tells us.

Apparently third blonde's the charm, because we hear Tony's head-over-heels for the journalist slash beauty queen.

"They'll move in together," adds the sports (and relationship) insider, "because he's telling friends that he's most likely going to pop the question...soon."

Don't know a whole lot about Candice, but judging from Romo's past conquests like Carrie Underwood (who dated Chace Crawford if you remember) and Jessica Simpson, lookswise, Candice isn't exactly off his beat.

But we think it's a good thing this babe is a little bit in the limelight, but not too much. Might give the couple a fighting chance! Especially if the Dallas Cowboys rival teams have yet to make masks out of Candice's face.

So what do you all think—is C.C. up to the task of taking Romo off the bachelors market for good? We're not exactly holding our breath, but are happy to be proven wrong!


Maybe Candice will be Tony's good luck charm? Until then, check out this year's Super Bowl Sightings gallery.

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