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Spoiler Alert: We have flashed to the future of Lost's Jin-Soo Kwan and it involves the Hawaii State Police Department and general kick-assery.

In news that makes our DDK-loving hearts sing, Daniel Dae Kim has been cast in one of the leading roles in CBS' remake of Hawaii Five-O, which is being produced as a pilot for potential pickup this spring.

So who will he play? And what will happen at the very end of Lost for Jin and Sun (Yunjin Kim)?

Kim will play the role of Chin Ho Kelly, originally played by Kam Hong in the iconic 1968 to 1980 series. The series will be shot in Oahu, Hawaii, and is already receiving strong buzz, as it comes from Fringe cocreators Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and CSI: NY show runner Peter Lenkov.

Moonlight and Three Rivers star Alex O'Loughlin is rumored to be in talks to play Detective Steve McGarrett, 'cause, you know, CBS seems to like him and stuff.

DDK is the first Lost star to score a new pilot for the upcoming TV season, and insiders confirm that his casting on Hawaii Five-O will not affect his schedule on Lost, of which he has only four more episodes to shoot. It helps that both series are being filmed on the same island.

The series finale of Lost will air May 23 on ABC. "To be completely candid," DDK told me at Lost's premiere party last weekend in Hawaii, "I wasn't being sentimental [about Lost ending] until tonight. But seeing all of this recognition and how special it is, and how rare it is for anyone to be a part of something that has this kind of fan base...It's unique. And I'll really miss it."

Daniel joked that the Lost cast might "conveniently" end up on the island againl, à la Gilligan's Island, for a reunion special or two. "Who knows? Jin's got to travel. I'm sure Sun's father will send him on another errand somewhere."

Meanwhile, break out the hankies, Lost fans, because Yunjin Kim (Sun) admitted she has serious reservations that there will be any kind of happy ending for Jin and Sun. "I'm thinking of the worst things, like we're going to have the worst ending. Some tragic ending. If I had the baby with me, I'd feel better. Because you can't do bad things to a baby on television."

Correction: You can't do bad things to a fan-favorite Lostie who has a baby he's never met. You hear that, Lost producers?


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