Lady Gaga, Alexander Skarsgard

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Say it ain't so!

We all totally heart Lady Gaga and her ridiculous ways. It's why she's music's saving grace right now! But according to members of Gaga's inner circle, the Hollywood pressure is really starting to take its toll on the once rebellious gal.

But could it all be 'cause she's crushing on that dude we're all crushing on?

Otherwise known as Alexander Skarsgard? Looks like it.

To back up a bit, a source deep inside Camp Gaga tells us people have been on her ass (no pun intended) to lose weight, to begin with. Supposedly, Gaga's Paparazzi video shoot last April is when things started get touchy on the subject of weight.

"Producers had to shoot around her," 'fesses someone who had to witness the incident go down.

"They draped fabric over her thighs and shot her backside with a softer lens," adds our eyewitness source. "They did everything they could to hide her not-so-flattering areas."

We're told the negative comments by onlookers were so harsh that the usually confident Gaga has become so self-conscious that she's practically stopped eating altogether. Tell us this isn't true, please!

For the record, Gaga's rep wouldn't comment bupkes on the issue, so know help from Ms. G's official circles, at least. But, the off-record kind continue:

"She's already lost about 20 pounds," says a knowledgeable pal close to the situation. "She says she is always hungry. She isn't doing a specific diet. She is just isn't eating."

OK, granted 20 is an over-exaggeration by our source (and Gaga, we're sure). But we have noticed the babe's, how do we put it, toned up a lot. Could a major reason for the weight reduction be True Blood hunk—and Lady's Paparazzi costar—Alexander Skarsgård?

Claims our Gaga insider:

"Alexander was her love interest in the video and he was apparently very open about being less than enthusiastic about having to kiss her during the shoot," sasses Deep Gaga. "Alex didn't say anything to her face, but he made comments under his breath to crew members and made facial expressions that made it obvious that he was not into it."

Well, that's not too surprising, considering Skarsgård goes for the skinny Kate Bosworth on certain nights.

We're just disgusted by this!

And, no, not by the supposed weight issue (we've always thought LG looked fierce), but because anyone who told Gaga she was too heavy is on crack. Maybe she wasn't rail thin like most people in this friggin' business, but isn't that why we all love her...because she's the antithesis of Hollywood?

Honey, pen a song about all those haters and pick up some animal-style fries at In N Out Burger if you're still in town. We heart ya because you don't give a crap! So don't start now.


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