Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon, Chaske Spencer, Taylor Lautner, Bronson Pelletier, New Moon

James White, Summit Entertainment

He's not a member of a wolf pack for nothing.

Alex Meraz's Twitter teeth are sharp and he's out for blood…namely, his costar Taylor Lautner's blood.

See, Alex (who's the the packer on the far left of the photo) doesn't think too highly of our favorite 17-year-old's upcoming movie, Valentine's Day, which also stars that other Taylor, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Ashton Kutcher, Patrick Dempsey, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper and a whole bunch of other Hollywood bigs.

"Sorry Taylor but the movie Valentine's Day looks lame and desperate," the New Moon star writes. "It cries out, 'look we have all the biggest starz in 1 movie pleez watch!'"

Sound like sour grapes? Read on!

Alex sorta realizes he might be stepping on some rather hefty toes with that statement, so he tweets again to clarify his thoughts. It doesn't really help.

"P.S. it has nothing to do with the talented actors in the movie. I just don't like the producer & Directors' 'get rich quick skeem' nuff said."


We totally started to think the poor guy's account had been hacked, but an hour later, he tries again. This time, he's starting to get it.

"Talk about biting the hand that feeds me...but I'm a wolf for crying out loud! I'll be careful next time I spill twitter all over everyone."

Something tells us Taylor and his V'Day pals aren't crying over spilt Twitter, but Alex may have some groveling to do.


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