We love a spirited political debate.

And since real politicians tend to avoid face-to-face exchanges whenever possible, we're pleased that Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart, two of most trusted men in political entertainment, were unafraid to sit down for a little one-on-one on The O'Reilly Factor.

In the first of a two-part interview, the Fox host and Comedy Central funnyman jabbed and parried, both keenly aware of falling into each other's rhetorical traps. Stewart mocked Glenn Beck and what he calls "the Fox narrative," while O'Reilly alternately praised and belittled Stewart and his audience of stoned, Obama-loving slackers. Plus, there was even a shout-out to the Shadow Government!

It was just like the Lincoln-Douglas debates, only with commercial breaks. 

So what did you think: Was there a clear winner?


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