Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson

AP Photo/Isaac Brekken; Getty Images

The circus has definitely arrived in town. It's the ringmaster who's nowhere to be seen.

While dozens of microphone-wielding, camera-aiming media types have gathered at the downtown Los Angeles courthouse anxiously awaiting a possible involuntary manslaughter charge against Dr. Conrad Murray for his ostensible role in Michael Jackson's death, the doc himself remains holed up at his Santa Monica condo.

Where a different someone is camped outside...

As Murray lies low inside his condo, a plainclothes law-enforcement official of indeterminate jurisdiction (neither the Los Angeles Police Department nor federal officials copped to the, um, cop) is staked out on the street.

Murray arrived in Los Angeles this week amid expectations that the district attorney would file a felony count any day now (he even missed a court hearing today in his home base of Las Vegas that could prove costly). His lawyer's office told E! News that Murray was prepared to surrender for booking as early as today.

But so far nada.

He's waited this long. What's one more day?

—Reporting by Ken Baker and Lindsay Miller


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