Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Nikki Reed, New Moon set

"Yes, I've heard they're still considering a fall start date, which is insane. They still haven't decided on how many movies it will be yet. It could go either way at this point."

—Deep Twi giving us the latest Breaking Dawn update. Or non-update, for that matter.

We'll cool it with the Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart love stuff (if only for a sec) and fill you in on what else we've learned 'bout what's going to happen with the fourth (and fifth?) flick:

"It's looking like it's going to be two," Deep Twi spills. With all this back and forth we can't keep it straight anymore! However, no decision has been finalized.

We're told there's no director, either, and it doesn't sound like Summit is close to officially nailing one down.

We know by now that Chris Weitz will not direct Breaking Dawn, even though he told us back in November he'd be stupid not to come back if asked. But he was asked, trust. Made that begged.

The cast and studio pleaded with Weitz, but, to no avail. Deep Twi tells us Chris' response was "an emphatic no."

Interesting that there's not a whole lotta love yet for Eclipse director David Slade. Is that a bad omen that the third Twilight flick may not be the best one of the bunch? Or could it be the studio wants to wait and count their dollars before choosing director faves? We say No. 2.

With the success of New Moon, clearly Weitz blew Catherine Hardwicke outta the favored water (which so isn't entirely her fault, btw).

As for that fall start-date, we think Summit 'n' crew better get their asses in gear and figure out a script and director pronto. Just a suggestion! Until they nail those minor details down, Kristen, Rob, and the rest of our fave vampire-human gang can't sign on to any outside projects. Unless, of course, they want to possibly suffer Rachelle Lefevre's same fate. Remember her?


Look back at our New Moon: World Tour Madness Gallery. Can you imagine these poor kids doing this three more times?!

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