Redmond O'Neal

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Redmond O'Neal is ready for round five.

The 25-year-old son of Ryan O'Neal and the late Farrah Fawcett, jailed since  Dec. 29 after falling off the wagon yet again, is getting one more chance to clean up.

"The plan for you is severe, and justifiably so," said Judge Michael Tynan at a hearing in Los Angeles today. "We all want you to do well but it's up to you."

O'Neal was in court for formal sentencing in that December bust, which came after he was caught under the influence following a 24-hour pass from a court-mandated treatment center (his fourth such trip, no less).

Tynan approved O'Neal's release from jail as well as reinstated his probation and enrolled him back into rehab.

Once O'Neal finishes this stint, he'll be placed in a sober living home. Tynan said he will again be allowed to receive day passes "from time to time," but will be under strict supervision and have rules about where he can go and the company he keeps.

"Nobody has a crystal ball," O'Neal attorny Richard Pintal tells E! News regarding his client's chance of success. "Redmond has made considerable progress in the last 30 days. Redmond has earned this."

Pintal says it will be several days before O'Neal makes the move from jail to the treatment center, where he's expected to spend the next 6-12 months.

"[The length of his stay] will be based on the treatment team's decision," he says.

Ditto for day passes.

"He has to earn them—those are contingent on progress," Pintal explains.

O'Neal will be back in court on March 3 for a progress report. Should he complete the treatment successfully, his sentencing for pending drug charges will be postponed and eventually dismissed.


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