Jessica Simpson, Twitter


Maybe Jessica Simpson's relationship with Billy Corgan isn't as serious as we thought. But then again, when you're cooped up in a hospital all day, what's a girl to do? Go on a manhunt, of course!

"Bored at the hospital. I think I'm gonna go look for some hot doctors. McDreamy? McSteamy? Clooney? Let the search begin…" Jess tweeted on Monday as her "Nana" continued to rest after having a tumor removed last week.

Although her search may have been over even before it began…

After taking to her Twitter account a couple of days earlier with a Bob Dylan quote—"You can fake an orgasim but you can't fake laughter"—she later admitted to making a typo, writing she meant "orgasm, not orgasim."

She added that the error was caught by "one of the cute doctors here at the hospital informed me of my misspelled tweet. Hmmm…was he hitting on me?"

Wow. Who knew Jess had such a fan base within the medical community?


Maybe Jessica will snap a shot of her and the mystery medic so we can add them to our Tweet Peeks gallery.

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