Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie

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We still have our doubts whether Jon Voight and estranged daughter Angelina Jolie really have reconciled…especially if he keeps talkin' to the press about her life with partner Brad Pitt. But we like hearing about it, so we're not complaining!

While at Clive Davis and the Recording Academy's Grammy party over the weekend, Jon did his best to defend his daughter and her possibly-on-the-rocks relaysh with stinky Brad:

"It's a very, very hard thing these days to be a celebrity, and to be the number-one celebrity in the world… it's very hard," Jon told us concerning the press interest in—make that obsession with—Brangelina's status.

"You get all sorts of nice things," he said, "but you get a lot of crazy stuff coming at ya, too."

We pressed Voight a bit to see if he had any idea how Angie and Brad are handling the breakup rumors. If appearances really are everything, then you'd think Brangelina is happier than evahconsidering their obvious PDA at the DGA's over the weekend.

Says Jon:

"How they deal with it…whether it's my daughter or the other fellahs…some have good days and bad days, I guess. [The rumors] are a pain in the neck. It's like listening to static half of your day."

By the way, all press at the DGAs, where Brad and Angelina supposedly made their everything's-fine appearance—were sternly warned not to even breathe personal questions in Brad's direction when he came backstage. Like idiots, they all obeyed as the still-wan, hairy, somewhat distracted Inglorious Basterds star appeared. Pity I wasn't there.

I mean, why all the keep-mouths-shut biz, if everything's so cool?

What do you all think—convinced now that everything's just damn peachy in the land of Brange, or does something still smell fishy to you, too?


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