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Yesterday's item about how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, according to some, are possibly taking it down a notch sure got many of you readers riled up.

We guess "don't shoot (or tweet) the messenger" doesn't apply when Twilight news is involved, huh?

One of our go-to Robsten sources reached out to us to shed some more light on what really went down behind the scenes...

"Let's just say Rob and Kristen got a slap on the wrist," 'fesses one of our moles deep inside Camp Robsten.

"Everyone, from their management to the studios involved in their upcoming movies, is worried [Rob and Kristen] will start to become…distracted."

Again like we said in yesterday's item (which many misread), Rob and Kristen are still together and totally cool. But they are both listening to what their teams are telling them, which is to stay focused.

As we've been pointing out, a lot is riding on R.Pattz's and K.Stew's movies post-Twilight—that includes promotion for The Runaways and Remember Me, but also getting their cute butts in gear for upcoming projects.

Rob needs to kick ass in Bel Ami, and Kristen needs to stay motivated to sort through which projects she's going to sign on to next.

Now, this isn't the first time R and K have had a relationship intervention of sorts. Interesting how everything comes full circle, right? After what has seemed like months of free Robsten love, the suits still mean business, and they have no shame in letting our fave New Moon lovebirds know who's boss.

It's like we're back where we started. Only now, it's not so much people telling Rob and Kristen not to be together (as, trust us, it very much once was), but everyone surrounding R.Pattz and K.Stew wants to make sure they haven't forgotten why they are here in the first place: to work.

Somehow we think Robsten are just fine after their semi-gentle reminder to stop playing footsie and listen up. In fact, we know it.

Once they stop pimping out their respective independent films and Eclipse starts back up again, R and K will do what they do best, which is be sneaky...together. Love.


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