The big guns have made their way into the Staples Center for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. But before taking their seats, they stopped to chat with Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic. Check out the best tidbits from the biggest names in music.

"That I'll always love Ryan forever and ever!"
Miley Cyrus, on what she'd like any future promise rings to symbolize

"I can buy myself a taco these days."
—Ke$ha, on how having a No. 1 record has changed her life

"I think I'm most proud of eight Grammy nominations!"
Taylor Swift, when asked what the best moment of the last year has been for her

"You're the high priest of celebrity culture...You could marry us!"
Katy Perry's fiancé, Russell Brand, to Ryan Seacrest

"We don't know if Hall & Oates are here, but if they are, we'd like to say hi."
Ben Goldwasser of Best New Artist nominees MGMT

"I get the heebie-jeebies...right before I go on."
Slash, on getting preshow jitters even after 20 years of performing on some of the world's biggest stages

Pink, when asked what's the best mood to be in when writing songs

"I never wear pants."
Heidi Klum, when asked who wears the pants on Valentine's Day, her or hubby Seal

"They're just gonna spray her with glue and run her through a Build-A-Bear workshop."
Stephen Colbert, on what Lady Gaga's second outfit of the night will be

"Even the way I drive has changed!"
Ricky Martin, when asked how having kids has changed his life

"She's like this every day. It's not like something that was choreographed and put together."
Akon, on what he saw in Lady Gaga when he signed her to his label

"They're lying, and they're full of crap."
Kathy Griffin, on artists who say they're just happy to be nominated

"I had an insane wardrobe malfunction today! I picked out this white dress...I stand by my window, and you could see through the entire thing."
Glee's Lea Michele, sharing her reasons for going with an opaque dress tonight

"He needs one to see and one to rock 'n' roll!"
Andy Samberg, explaining why fellow Lonely Islander Akiva Schaffer is wearing two pairs of glasses

"We're gonna grow beards!"
Linkin Park's Joe Hahn, when asked what the band's doing after the show

"I laugh, I laugh. It comes on so many different radio stations. You never know if it's gonna come on a smooth jazz station...[laughs.] Which I listen to quite a bit."
Jason Mraz, on what his reaction is when hearing his own song on the radio


Check out the biggest names in music as they hit the red carpet in our Grammys 2010 Arrivals Gallery.

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