Tristan Thompson's Latest Pic With "Twin" Daughter True Will Make You Do a Double Take

By Alyssa Ray Jul 31, 2020 8:17 PMTags
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The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

On Friday, Tristan Thompson took to Instagram and posted a picture of himself with look-alike daughter True Thompson. With almost identical smiles, the father-daughter duo beamed as they posed for a selfie.

And the resemblance is noticeably uncanny as Tristan even wrote in the caption, "Daddy's Twin."

You can say that again, Tristan!

Several famous friends have since sounded off on the heartwarming picture, including True's mom Khloe Kardashian and aunt Kim Kardashian.

"Twins!!!!!!!! The cutest photo," the Good American mogul declared in the comments.

The KKW Beauty boss made a similar comment, writing, "OMG twins!!!"

Even Tristan's former teammate LeBron James couldn't believe the twinning moment. He added, "My GOODNESS man!!!! Super Twins!!!"

As E! readers may recall, Khloe and Tristan welcomed their daughter into the world in April 2018. While the reality TV star and the NBA athlete are no longer a couple, they make an active effort to co-parent their now 2-year-old.

Khloe Kardashian & True Thompson's Cutest Photos

Earlier this month, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star stopped by Daily Pop and opened up about their co-parenting relationship.


"We're doing a great job and I'm really grateful that we're able to," the Revenge Body host told E!'s Justin Sylvester.

Although some may struggle to understand Tristan and Khloe's cordial dynamic, the reality TV star noted that it's normal within the Kardashian-Jenner family.

She continued, "I come from a family that, you know, my mom and my dad they would have dinner once a week. And my stepdad and my dad would play golf once a week together. So, I come from a family that…just because people aren't together doesn't mean you have to be rude or they're out of your life."

Case in point: Two of Khloe's sisters, Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, have maintained friendly relationships with the fathers of their respective children.

"You share children with them and you want to kind of have this blended family," Khloe added. "So, I'm just used to that. I'm sure it's so weird to so many people."

Thankfully, amid co-parenting, both Khloe and Tristan have shared True's many milestones on social media.

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You can find toddler True's cutest pics below:

Tribe Love

"Just a small piece of our little tribe of love!" Khloe posted with a pic of True and Stormi jet-setting.

Snack Time

"I am so obsessed with this angel!!!" Khloe wrote. "My baby bunny"

A Dip in the Pool

True cooling down as summer 2020 approaches!

True Turns 2!

"Happy birthday my sweet TuTu!! You are all of my unforgettable memories of the past few years, the precious magical moments of the present and the promise of a happy future," Khloe wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post. "You are literally my entire world! I can't believe you are TWO!! You make my life complete and I can't wait to have forever with you!!! Until the end of time; I love you my sweet girl."

Daddy & Me

True and dad Tristan are all smiles during their father-daughter photoshoot. 

2020 Mood

"How I feel about 2020," Khloe posted on Instagram amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Mini Minnie

True gets her face painted at Chicago West's 2nd birthday party. "My Minnie kept asking to take pictures with me," Khloe wrote. "She put her arm around me, leaned on my cheek and posed I was melting lol."

Golden Girls

Khloe Kardashian and her daughter appear at the 2019 Kardashian-Jenner Christmas party.

Happy Holidays

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Girl Talk

"I can't wait until we can have conversations," Khloe wrote. "My best friend!"

Model Behavior

A casual winter weekday with True!

Pre-Xmas Present

"Merry Christmas everyone!! We starting decorating our house yesterday and @jeffleatham surprised True with this beautiful pink tree. It's safe to say that True loves it!!! Thankful and blessed beyond words!"

Thanksgiving 2019

"Everyday I give thanks that I was chosen to be your mommy!" Khloe captioned this precious photo of herself and True. "I'll never ever take this role for granted! Thank you Tutu! I will easily love you until the end of time!"


Khloe shared this priceless pic of True and Chicago West hugging it out in front of a picturesque sunset.

Tasty Tradition

"♡ My baby bread baker!!! We bake bread together a few times a week ♡ I pray we continue this weekly tradition forever ♡"

Cruella De Vil

To see her is to take a sudden...chill!


One of these pumpkins is not like the others!

Bumble Bee

Keep the Hallow's Eve looks coming, True!

Chocolate Factory

"Oompa loompa doompety da
If you're not greedy, you will go far
You will live in happiness too
Like the Oompa Loompa Doompety do
Doompety do"


True channels serious Wizard of Oz vibes in this precious lion costume. 

Itsy Bitsy Spider

The cutest arachnid we ever did see!

Happy Halloween!

"♡ SwanLake with TuTu Halloween look 1 You know I have many more to share ♡"


"The Love of my life!!!!"


True bonds with her baby cousin Psalm! "This is LOVE," Khloe captioned the heartwarming photo.


Is this thing on?! True and Stormi play pretend behind the wheel of a tractor during an afternoon out pumpkin-picking.

Highway Hangouts

True gets her kicks on Route 66!

With Mom

"Until the end of time, it's you and I"

The Relatives

The Kardashian kids know how to rock a family photo op. "The sweetest little tribe," Khloe wrote on Instagram.


"I was going through my phone and found these photos from our vacation with LaLa and Kimberly. We had the best time and created the best memories! family over EVERYTHING always," Khloe captioned a September IG post with previously unseen pictures from their August Bahamas trip


In another snapshot from the gals' island vacation, Khloe and True venture out to sea!

View More Photos From True Thompson's Cutest Photos

True is growing up before our very eyes!

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