MBFWA 2020: We Are Kindred Talk Fashion Beyond the Festival

Lizzie Renkert reveals the inspiration behind the newest collection.

By Natalie Rose Boyd Jun 05, 2020 2:20 AMTags

The COVID-19 restrictions may have stopped Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia from going ahead, but it sure won't stop Australian designers from dropping their newest collections.

Our E! Australia host Francesca Hung caught up with co-founder of We Are Kindred, Lizzie Renkert, to chat about what we would have seen on the runway at MBFWA 2020.

Australian born and bred in 2013, We Are Kindred is a designer label created by two dedicated sisters, Lizzie and Georgie Renkert, with one single vision: celebrating timeless, fluid femininity. 

The designers were set to show off their Resort 2021 collection at the 25th anniversary of MBFWA this year in Sydney.

"It's very hard for people to get a real sense of what We Are Kindred is when they're not seeing everything in one go." Lizzie explains in relation to the cancellation of MBFWA 2020. "It's amazing being able to just show everyone what we're all about once a year."

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Although we're all slugging away at home, rocking PJ's all day, Lizzie reveals that the brand's ethos is surrounded by its feel-good factor—something we could all really use right now.

"Fashion certainly isn't changing lives, but I think that we can make a little difference every day by making them feel good in the clothes they're in."

Speaking of florals, Lizzie revealed what has inspired the latest collection. She points out that they start designing with prints in mind, rather than starting with shades. "Florals have always been inspiring to us ever since we spent loads of time in our parents and grandparents gardens as we were growing up".

Imagine Talitha Getty (1960's actress and model) coming on a holiday to Australia – bohemian, but with that beautiful, raw, Australian aesthetic.

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There is still great news for all the comfort-lovers who aren't excited to pop the heels back on: comfortability is all the rage these days. Lizzie believes that not much will change trend-wise when things get back to normal, as comfort has always been a major consideration.

"We still wear really pretty dresses and blouses, but they're paired back with jeans and flats."

So, are your heels cancelled?