Justin Sylvester Shares Protest Experience & Discusses Importance of Black Lives Matter With Nina Parker

By Alyssa Ray Jun 01, 2020 10:18 PMTags
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Adding to this point, Nina highlighted that "people who don't support the protest are running with this narrative."

"Like, everyone who was protesting just decided to, you know, zip up their backpacks and start looting," she further expressed. "I really don't feel like that's what we've seen."

In fact, Nina called out this narrative as being "distracting" from the real issue at hand.

"It's like with anything, when you go to a sporting event, there are always people who come to take advantage of a situation," she added.

As for Justin's firsthand experience at the demonstration, he and his fellow protesters departed Rodeo Drive at 4 p.m. for the peaceful march "and walked all the way to The Grove" in Los Angeles, he said.

"And about 7 p.m.is when tensions got high, tear gas came out, [rubber] bullets started flying, the cop cars set on fire," he relayed. "You know, when things went left, I went right home."

Furthermore, Justin felt an urgency to get to a "peaceful place" as he could "tell it was gonna escalate into something" he and others "weren't looking to be a part of."

The important conversation didn't stop there as Justin and Nina had a candid chat about Black Lives Matter. While celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and others have shared a meme which reads, "It's not white vs. black, it's everyone vs. racists," Nina shared that critics on social media have sounded off on the post for missing the point.

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Nina found herself frustrated and confused by the response to the usage of the Black Lives Matter hashtag.

"Most people will not admit to being racist! If you go up to the majority of people, they're gonna say they're not racist," she continued in regard to the problematic meme. "This is just an easy way to get away without saying, 'I support Black Lives Matter.'"

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