Lili Reinhart, Dog


Lili Reinhart is hoping for the best possible outcome after her dog was attacked while out on a walk today. 

The Riverdale star struggled to hold back tears as she recalled the details in a video shared to Instagram Stories on Friday. 

"This is weird for me and I'm not exactly sure why I'm doing it, but I guess for all the people out that that care about my little dog Milo," Lili said, "I was taking him out today to get some exercise. I had a mask and gloves on so don't start with me about that. He was attacked by another dog."

She continued, "It was pretty bad. I had to rush him to the hospital, and he's there now getting surgery."

Lili said Milo is suffering from a "pretty deep wound" on his neck, and asked fans to keep him in their thoughts as his recovery continues.

The 23-year-old first introduced Milo to her 23 million Instagram followers in February. 

"This is my new baby. He has quickly become a great love of mine. Meet Milo," she captioned a photo, adding that he was rescued from Furever Freed Dog Rescue in British Columbia. 

Recent posts on Lili's page indicate the pair were spending plenty of quality time together as she self-quarantined amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

"I am so grateful for Milo," the actress tweeted. "I genuinely don't think I would get out of bed some days if it weren't for him. Now I understand those bumper stickers that say 'who rescued who?'"

Watch Lili's message about Milo above. We're wishing him a speedy recovery! 

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