Justin Timberlake has accomplished many things, but 24-hour parenting is a whole new challenge. 

With social distancing taking effect around the world, the Grammy-winning star and his longtime wife, Golden Globe nominee Jessica Biel, headed over to their Montana home with their son Silas.

"To be honest, we thought the best way to kind of do our part was—we have a place in Montana and so, we came up here," he shared in an interview on SiriusXM Hits1. 

"We feel very lucky and kind of blessed that we—we're  in a place where—they're pretty socially distant here anyway where our place is and so, I mean just being able to kind of walk out into your driveway and maybe go for a little hike is always nice," the famed performer explained. 

As for him and Biel, "We're doing good, we're doing good," he answered in response to a co-host frustrated with her own husband during this quarantine. 

However, like parents everywhere, they're juggling being a mom and dad all day, every day. 

"We're mostly commiserating over the fact that just 24-hour parenting is just not human," he quipped. 


In fact, Timberlake's son has even had enough of mom and dad. 

"He gets a look...I'm like, 'Alright, cool, let's take a [20]. Alright, I got you.'"

The family did get to have some fun when their youngster turned 5 years old on Wednesday. 

As Biel shared on social media, "This little man is 5 today! We're at home, covered in legos and birthday cake right now." Sounds like the perfect 5th birthday!

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