Watch Matt Fraser & Alexa Papigiotis' Moms Embarrass "the S--t" Out of Them on Meet the Frasers

The Meet the Frasers moms embarass their kids at a runway show!

By Alyssa Ray Feb 14, 2020 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Matt & Alexa's Mothers Are Embarrassing the Sh-t Out of Them

What's runway etiquette?

In this clip from Monday's all-new Meet the Frasers, Matt Fraser and Alexa Papigiotis are left thoroughly embarrassed by their moms' behavior at a local fashion show. Specifically, notoriously loud Angela Fraser and Sharon Ciolli are seen making a scene as Matt hosts the show and Alexa walks down the runway.

"Very pretty, sweetheart! Very pretty," Sharon yells amid the show. "I love the back."

After Alexa admits she was previously worried about Matt outshining her at the fashion show, the psychic medium reveals it's their moms she should've been concerned about.

"You should've been worried about our moms," Matt notes in a confessional. "Because, right now, they're embarrassing the s--t out of us."

As Sharon and Angela continue to cheer and hoot throughout the event, Rod Fraser warns them that "they're loud." While the two Meet the Frasers moms are aware of this fact, they're unapologetic for it.

Matt Fraser & Alexa Papigiotis' Cutest Pics

"Of course, we're loud! We know we're loud. We're proud of it," Angela states later on. "Italians talk loud."

Yet, when Sharon declares Alexa the "fruit of my loins," she receives quite the death stare from the former Miss Rhode Island Teen.

"I should've warned them that you're not supposed to talk or make comments at a fashion show," Fraser tells the Meet the Frasers camera.

For Angela and Sharon's enthusiastic fashion show behavior, be sure to watch the clip above!

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