Listen: Zac Efron's Blonde Phase, Miley Cyrus M.I.A., Plus More From This Week's Nightly Pop The Podcast

Listen: Miley Cyrus M.I.A. Plus More From Nightly Pop The Podcast

By Nicole Renna Feb 03, 2020 5:28 PMTags

Here's What's Popping This Week On Nightly Pop The Podcast:

Rob's New Lady, Love That Chicken From Beyhive & JT's Mickey Hickey - Nightly Pop 01/30/19
Did Beyonce just steal Popeye's style? Popeye's released their own clothing line after fans compared it to Ivy Park. Get the details on her Beyonce's new and sold out Ivy Park collection. Tommie from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta is rumored to be the new girlfriend of Rob KardashianJessica Simpson shares the "nostalgic kiss" she shared with Justin Timberlake. 

Revisiting Kim Kardashian's Bikini Ban, Zac Efron's Into Blondes & Kristen & Dax Fight- Nightly Pop 01/29/20
Is Kim Kardashian back to posting sexy photos? After six weeks, the reality TV star returned to posting sexy selfies after New Years.  Plus, it seems like Zac Efron is out of his brunette GF phase and has moved on to dating blondes. Kristen Bell talks about her fight with husband Dax Shepard and not talking to him for three days. We discuss all this and much more!

Dua Lipa Is Cancelled?, Miley Cyrus M.I.A. & Brad Pitt's Viral Name Tag - Nightly Pop 01/28/20
Trolls are trying to take down Dua Lipa after she went to a strip club with Lizzo. Plus, Miley Cyrus is salty about not being at the 2020 Grammys and joked about being banned. Brad Pitt wore a name tag to the 2020 Oscars Luncheon and got lots of attention! We discuss all this and much more.

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