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Hide-and-seek was the name of game on Tuesdays's The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Host James Corden recruited Ashton Kutcher and the seven members of BTS to play the classic game. Corden and Kutcher served as the seekers tasked with finding RMJiminJungkookSuga, Jin and J-Hope, who were allowed to hide anywhere in the studio—backstage included.

As James explained, "Now, to finish the show, tonight I thought we'd do something we actually do here every night after the cameras stop rolling. We have a game of hide-and-seek. So, here's how it's going to work: BTS will hide anywhere they like in the studio. Ashton and I are going to try to find them. Whoever finds four of the band members first, wins."

And off they went! The audience cheered in excitement as the seven members scattered themselves throughout the stage and studio. Jimin went for the obvious choice and hid under James' desk. RM took a classic route and hid behind a curtain.

The rest of the members were a little more savvy with their hiding spaces, opting for hiding in plain sight in one of the control rooms, in a photo booth and other various places backstage.

Given his predictable hiding place, Jimin was the first one to be found. When Ashton discovered his whereabouts, the actor hilariously pulled the singer out from underneath the desk and carried him over to his assigned stool.

James' first find was V, who was hiding backstage pretending to be one of the crew members. He also hilariously acted as if he wasn't in BTS, rather a crew member on the show who didn't notice James was there.

The next to be found was RM, who was betrayed by the audience when they showed the host exactly where he was hiding.

Ashton, much to his chagrin, was having a hard time finding other members. But James, knowing the studio like the back of his hand, then made his way to a control room where he found his co-workers sitting suspiciously.

"You're all being too quiet," he said. "You're all being too quiet for there not to be a mem... OH, MY GOD!" And voila, there sat Suga in the back row pretending to be an employee.

James ended up winning the game, to know one's surprise (it's his studio, after all—he knows the best hiding places), but check out the rest of the video to see what happened when Ashton finally found other BTS members.

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