Watch Scott Tweedie Blow Andy Cohen Away With His Sexy Real Housewives Tagline

By Alyssa Ray Jan 07, 2020 7:23 PMTags

We have to say "Bravo" to Scott Tweedie!

On Tuesday morning, the Australian entertainment reporter left Andy Cohen thoroughly impressed when he tried his hand at a Real Housewives tagline. As the Watch What Happens Live host has heard many a tagline during his tenure at Bravo, he was the perfect judge for the "Pop of the Morning: Taglines" competition.

"Camera three, bring it in," Tweedie confidently noted while kicking off the segment. "I may not be Hugh Jackman, but in the bedroom, I'm Wolverine."

Stunned by Tweedie's killer line, Cohen was speechless for a moment.  

"That's really good," Cohen assured the new E! personality. "Yeah, that was good."

Perhaps Tweedie could fill Bethenny Frankel's vacant spot on Real Housewives of New York season 12? (We kid. But, Cohen did say he'd be open to a House Husband of New York.)

Unfortunately for Tweedie's POTM co-hosts Victor Cruz and Lilliana Vazquez, Cohen was left slightly underwhelmed by their taglines.

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"In the game of winners and losers, I only associate with winners," Cruz added.

While the Bravo personality assured Cruz that he "was on to something," he encouraged the former wide receiver to work on it a bit more.

As for Vazquez's tagline? Sadly, her "don't mess with Texas" line was similar to one that's already occurred on Real Housewives of Dallas.

"Scott firmly wins this one," Cohen declared.

The 51-year-old late night host applauded more than just Tweedie's tagline. Specifically, at the start of the interview, Cohen signed off on Tweedie's cuffed, white pants.

"I love it. Australians love wearing white pants, don't they?" Cohen quipped. "It's is the dead of winter outside, dude. White pants and no socks!"

Furthermore, Cohen confessed to loving Tweedie's shoes and "fetishizing" his ankles. Between Shaquille O'Neal's "sexiest Australian in the world" comment and Cohen's praise, it's safe to say that Tweedie is having a good week!

Be sure to watch both Pop of the Morning highlights for yourself above!